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Brocade VDX 7.0.3a - PBR with IPv6

Hello Experts,Does VDX support PBR with IPv6.I have configured IPv6 standard and extended ACL , matched them in route-map then set ipv6 next-hop lastly applied route-map to the interface but traffic is not being routed as per policy. So want to confi...

pawarpavan by New Contributor III
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VDX6740 - PBR match interface Te 1/0/2(version 7.3.0)

Hello Experts,I have created the below PBR but it is not working as per expectation.Configuration :===========rbridge-id 1route-map PBR_TEST permit 10match interface te 1/0/3set ip next-hop ip route 192...

pawarpavan by New Contributor III
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Brocade vdx 6740 bpdu filter

What is the command for bpdu filter?I am trying to configure bpdu filter on access port and portchannel interface and only what I was found isbpdu-drop enable allbut with errorBR1(conf-if-te-1/0/7)# bpdu-drop enable all%% Error: This configuration is...

Resolved! VDX6740( 7.3.0aa) - Policy-Based Routing (PBR) -

Hello Experts,I'm exploring the PBR route-map set and match options to use them in production and I see switch has a lot of flexibility in terms of match and set : extreme01(config-rbridge-id-1)# route-map DC_PROD permit 12extreme01(config-route-map-...

pawarpavan by New Contributor III
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