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FCoE problem in a VCS Fabric

FCoE problem in a VCS Fabric

New Contributor
Hi all,
I'm working on a network topology as following


Brocade VDX are configured as VCS Fabric - Logical Chassis mode and also, using VDX6740 I enable FCoE on some interface.
On SAN side, I saw correctly FCoE login from both VDX, so either on interface on rbridge-id 1 and r-bridge 2 while on DELL MXL I/O I can see login only on one r-bridge. Both VDX interfaces are configured in same manner. The strange thing is that when I disable ISL links between VDX, so I remove VCS fabric feature, I can see FCoE login from both DELL MXL
Do you known about some limitation on FCoE over the ISL (or TRILL link). If can be possibile I would connect Dell Switch in Dual Homing with vLag. Do you known if this is possible in this kind of architecture?

Thanks in advance for reply

Best Regards