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VDX 6720 factory reset

VDX 6720 factory reset

New Contributor II

Afternoon all,

Having an issue with factory resetting a VDX we have here.  Follwed all the usual steps and I receive this error message when running the configDefault command:

Executing configdefault...Please wait
configDefault: Error resetting fcoe parameters.rc = -1
 2021/11/08-15:51:09, [CONF-1040], 2406,, INFO, cfgb-sw3, configDefault Failed. for switch.

I can't for the life of me figure out what is the issue.  Has anyone come accross this before? 


Extreme Employee


I have never seen this personally, however I found one instance of this in our Archives.  It looks like the error is due to an FCOE lib call failing as there is no backend code to support the "configDefault" command for FCOE.  If you are wanting to default a switch, you should use the command "copy default-config startup-config" and then reload the switch.  Per the notes, "configDefault" is not a supported NOS command.


Michael Morey
Principal Technical Support Engineer
Extreme Networks

New Contributor II

Thanks Michael.  I did try this however I get an error for it not recognising the copy command.  I think in this instance I'm just going to wipe and reload.