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VDX6740 - PBR match interface Te 1/0/2(version 7.3.0)

VDX6740 - PBR match interface Te 1/0/2(version 7.3.0)

New Contributor III

Hello Experts,

I have created the below PBR but it is not working as per expectation.

Configuration :


rbridge-id 1

route-map PBR_TEST permit 10

match interface te 1/0/3

set ip next-hop



ip route

arp 0000.0000.2110 interface te 1/0/3

arp 0000.1234.5678 interface te 1/0/4



interface te 1/0/2

ip address

ip policy route-map PBR_TEST


interface te 1/0/3

ip address


interface te 1/0/4

  ip address





extreme01# show route-map PBR_TEST

Interface Te 1/0/2

ip policy route-map PBR_TEST permit 10

    set ip next-hop

    Policy routing matches: 0 packets     Note: No counters available


extreme01# show ip route-map PBR_TEST

route-map PBR_TEST

  seq 10

    match interface Te 0/3

    set ip next-hop

Above both outputs contradict as one shows a match condition and the other does not.


Packet test result :


packet injected from Te 1/0/3 with ipv4_src & ipv4_dst , Packet coming out of the interface Te1/0/3 but as per PBR it should come out from Te 1/0/4

how does the switch check the Match condition here as Te 1/0/3 doesn’t have PBR on it, so when traffic ingress from Te 1/0/3 how it will go to PBR for Match validation?

-Pavan Pawar



so in this case match interface criteria is not supported?

As we are applying PBR at interface Te 1/0/2 and matching interface Te 1/0/3,
so how  Te 1/0/3 will send the traffic for PBR inspection if it's not applied on it?