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New Documentation Published February 4th-10th!

New Documentation Published February 4th-10th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 34 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



I cannot find a voucher on Extreme Portal 

How can I get an evaluation license for tests?

Campus Fabric Articles

Why the mac-security is not blocking the port when the switch is under MAC flooding attack? 

Switch clock is not staying in sync with NTP server 

VOSS: Lifecycle Crash Reporter: Process Name: cbcp-main.x2C Thread Name: tMainTask2C Signal 112C Slo... 

VOSS 7400 SMLT /LACP repeatedly loses config parameters when connecting to a server.


Data Center Articles

BFD is not establishing one bgp neighbor 

EFA/XCO - How to configure SNMPv3 via EFA CLI 

VDX8770-8 M1 Module reset caused ISL links to other switch in the cluster went down


EXOS Articles

Does EXOS support RBAC in CLI? 

Switch drops DHCP IP 

Kernel oops occurs on EXOS when VPLS pseudo-wire goes down.

General Articles

Suddenly lose console access and connectivity with management IP of ISW switch

Legacy Articles

[XIQ-C] WPA3-Enterprise 192bit SSID can't be assigned to AP4000 device group.


SD-WAN Articles

How to check the license on ExtremeCloud SD-WAN? 

Out of memory issue on SD-WAN appliance

Universal Articles

Where can I find out how many links I can have in an MLT and how many MLT groups on the 7520 Univers... 

U-VOSS: No FA assignments received from the XIQ AP 

How many VRRP interfaces are supported on the 7520 Universal Switch Running Fabric Engine? 

The show tech-support command gets stuck at show vpex command with a specific configuration.

WiNG Articles

WiNG - Will config changes made on either member of a cluster propagate to the other member irrespec... 

WiNG - How to test config setting and allow for failover in case of misconfigurations

XIQ Articles

Network 360 Monitor - WiFi Health incorrect when mousing over the graph 

[XIQ] How to gather tech-support from IQVA 

[XIQ] Cloud ppsk user expired then was unexpectedly deleted 

[CoPilot] "Tx Retry Rate" in the Wi-Fi Efficiency Anomaly(ies) 

Unable login to XIQ and loading 

U-NII-3 band channels are not available for Indonesia country code 

ExtremeCloud IQ: XIQ - WiFi STATISTICS SUMMARY Reporting 

ExtremeCloud IQ: Universal APs 4000, 5010, 5050 are not passing the Regulatory check and failing to ... 

How to use XIQ wireless planning tools 

[XIQ] Wifi client counts are not updating in the device list after capwap restoration 

[XIQ] Where to configure proxy server for license server access on IQVA 

[XIQ] Unknown error occurs when assigning location to the AP


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