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New Documentation Published June 30th-July 6th!

New Documentation Published June 30th-July 6th!

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Our support teams published 47 new articles last week! Check out the new titles below!



SA-2024-075 - regreSSHion Vulnerability in OpenSSH Server (CVE-2024-6387) 

How to capture tcpdump on the switch when the DoS protect threshold is reached in EXOS. 

Campus Fabric Articles

VOSS/FE: How to configure DHCP option 43 for Cisco APs to pass IP address in HEX? 

DHCP Server 

OSPF Route Not Advertised to Adjacency Switch 

VSP7254XTQ log messages: temperature (60 C) exceeded the critical alarm threshold (60 C). Module wil... 

ESM configured on a 5320-24P-8XE allows the overriding of critical logs 

7720: Unable to get 25 g channelized port to link up


Data Center Articles

SNMP stopped working after planned device reload 

MM convergance status value always times out 

BGP IPv4 less preferred route (lower LOCAL-PREF) becomes best when GSHUT community was present on th... 

VDX [MCST-1018], Memory Alloc Error messages   

"cee" command is not available in CLI on interfaces for 8520-48XT and 8520-48Y platforms 

VXLAN packets are dropped when transiting an EVPN enabled node on tagged interfaces when EVPN tunnel... 

SLX (8820-40C) reports insight port 0/160 in the snmp interface query reply


EXOS Articles

BGP Soft-Reset vs Soft-In-Reset 

SA-2024-074 - PHP PHAR Memory Corruption (CVE-2023-3824)


SD-WAN Articles

I get an Internal error when I navigate on ExtremeCloud SD-WAN portal. 

Universal Articles

What Switch engine switch can provide PoE++ power (802.3bt)? 

Can my switch provide PoE through a transceiver? 

Is there a way to convert Cisco configuration into EXOS configuration? 

WiNG Articles

New model WiNG APs will not adopt to controller at remote site 

WiNG - How to remove an unwanted WLAN via GUI 

Can we change the AirDefense certificate on port 443 instead of 8543? 

Can't login to Captive Portal 

How to import XIQ devices to AirDefense? 

VX9000 Frequent Reboot with graceful:pmlite-/usr/sbin/ssm 

XIQ Articles

XIQ - How to disable mesh 

AP510e will not adopt to cloud based XIQ 

Is there any way to force POE power source between interfaces on AP510C? 

New Clients connection no Internet access when AP to XIQ-C connection is down 

How and why to use XIQ Access token(new method) for API calls versus the Client ID(obsolete method) ... 

Why does the Surrounding Access Points list in ExtremeCloud IQ GUI only show Extreme APs? 

Can a RDS database be shutdown if it has been used by a private RDC or private XIQ instance account ... 

XIQ - Radio profiles are not applying their WMM parameters properly 

XIQ shows Co-pilot banner while Co-pilot had never been activated 

Way to improve the multicast video quality on XIQ-C? 

Can the time(EPOCH) value of the access token be extended or changed using swagger or another API me... 

XIQ | What is the maximum number of device information per page value that can be retrieved using th... 

How to change the operator account role to external admin role in XIQ? 

Aps show offline on backup controller. 

Listing of SSIDs via does not work anymore 

Webhook alerting not working to Slack 

Client MAC show active in Active tab and disconnected in Inactive tab 

What is OFDMA, The Basic 

Is it possible to manage a 5320-48T-8XE from XIQ? 

CAPWAP connection loss in France and Portugal after OpenDNS service got banned 


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