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I want eotX250e-t24 upgrade

I want to know of a way to get ssh capability since I believe the version I have need a module and I'm unable to download the newest version. Also, is the CF card for backups? If so how can I access it?

KSmith22 by New Contributor
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Resolved! AP120 firmware

Hi, I’ve recently acquired an old AP120 for my home lab. They are “seen” by ExtremeCloud IQ but it can’t update the firmware because it’s way too old. I currently have v5.1r5. Can you possibly send me the incremental versions to update to a newer fir...

IanCass by New Contributor II
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How do I add an AP to HiveManager 8.2r2c?

Hi,we are running HiveManager 8.2r2c at a site. I wanted to add an AP via serial number like I've done in ExtremeCloudIQ for other sites, but can't see an option to do it?Initially I want to on-board an AP130, but also maybe an AP650 in the next day ...

Resolved! How to clear a dhcp exclude

Hi! At my company we have a G3G124 core switch that's been running for a really long time and the person that set the system up is long gone, so I got tasked to change the DHCP settings.The deal is that we are running out of IP addresses, but the int...

rogervp by New Contributor
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Remove Serial Number from VHM

Hi, I recently purchased (second hand) two older Aerohive models and am hoping to re-register them.Serial Number (AP230: 02301808030453)Serial Number (AP130: 01301711290459)Thank you for your time.