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How do I add an AP to HiveManager 8.2r2c?

How do I add an AP to HiveManager 8.2r2c?

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we are running HiveManager 8.2r2c at a site. I wanted to add an AP via serial number like I've done in ExtremeCloudIQ for other sites, but can't see an option to do it?

Initially I want to on-board an AP130, but also maybe an AP650 in the next day or so.

thanks, Tim


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I removed a device, says I have 82 devices, still no option to Add/Import managed devices.

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Community Manager

Hi there, thanks for posting your question here. First, I have to recommend against using HiveManager Classic; after June 1st, you will no longer be able to log in to HiveManager Classic at all. You'll want to migrate to ExtremeCloud IQ before then to avoid any issues with your devices or configuration. 

That said, this guide reviews how to add devices to HiveManager Classic. If you do not see the menu options shown in this guide, you likely are not an administrator in the HiveManager and need to request that your access level be increased to admin. That request would go to whomever manages your HiveManager instance, likely the one who registered for it originally. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi Sam, 

I don't have the "Add/Import" option in Monitor > (managed devices) >Device Inventory 

I'm a Super User, as is all the ICT team here. No one is "admin" or Administrator

The Super User Group has Read/Write ticks on every entry. I don't see an "Add/Import" option in the list of possible permissions either.

I do have an Add option in unmanaged devices but not sure that is what I should be attempting?


hi Sam,

I've just seen a settings called VHM Management > Max Managed Devices = 83 

Is this some kind of licence thing? Maybe I already have 83 APs so can't add more?