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s series worth it?

s series worth it?

New Contributor
My company is looking to do a layer2/3 forklift and finally retire our trustworthy N7s and C series switches. I'm going to be considering other vendors as we look at this upgrade but I was wondering, based on my familiarity with Enterasys gear (used to be a Sales Engineer for a local VAR and loved the stuff) if it would be worth it to get a S series for the upgrade. Is it going to be EOL soon? Is it a dying brand that Extreme will soon be casting aside?

New Contributor II
We have been using the S-Series gear for several years now and have been quite happy with the reliability of the gear. If you are on N,C Series now it would be a natural progression with all the familiarity of the management you currently have. We've also been deploying K-Series at the access level to replace our N-Series over the last 3 years a few chassis at a time and have been very pleased with the results.

Extreme Employee
Greetings Joshua,

I am the local Southern California Field SE. You are probably familiar with Rich Cincinelli since he was the SE in your territory before he retired. Good friend of mine going back maybe 25 years.

Anyway, as Paul mentioned we have no plans to EoL the S-Series. In-fact the S-Series is central to our solutions like NAC and Analytics. These solutions rely on the unique abilities of the Core-Flow ASIC employed by the S-Series, to provide visibility and control.

Cal Optima is a large customer in Orange County that just completed their core upgrade using S-Series. They are the county run insurance provider for low income tasked with administrating Medi-Cal or California's version of Medicaid. Their last core architecture was in place for 10 or 12 years and was Gig based. This upgrade brought 10 Gig to nearly all uplinks and resources. Obviously these guys are extremely conservative.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Alan Hayase

I do indeed know Rich and am actually surprised to hear that he retired. I figured he would go on working until the end of the world. Would like to speak with you about the future of the S series so we can consider if we would like to stay in the family.

Extreme Employee
Good Morning Joshua

There have been no plans set for doing any EoS (End of Sale) for any of the current Chassis, the K, S or Black Diamond. As a matter of fact we just released new HW modules for the S earlier this year.

If at some point in the future we do EoS any of the products we will still support them for another 5 years after end of sale.

I hope that helps.