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ZTP+ over WAN Connection

ZTP+ over WAN Connection

Contributor III
currently i use ZTP+ for automatic switch update and configuration at customers branch. Ping latency to central XMC is round-about 25ms.

XMC recognize there is a new switch with ZTP+ and because firmware does not equal to reference firmware an update is running. Fine.

Unfortunately this update is done via tftp. So now waiting for 1 hour - tftp is still running ....

Is there a way to speed up? Related to other switches config backups or firmware updates i would switch over to TCP based SCP.
But how can i do that with ZTP+ process? How can i speed up?

I am pretty sure this issue was already solved by Extreme because all cloud based solutions run into same problem ...

XMC = // EXOS = X440-G2 -

Extreme Employee
Just on the following article for the reference

Does EXOS support transfer of files over SCP

Best regards

Extreme Employee
under XMC control in the Firmware panel.

You can designate a transfer protocol for device families, or individual device types.



Thanks for that worthful advice - i will check that.

I think it would be nice if that parameter would be assigned to a specific site. It makes that more flexibel ...