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A3 - join domain

A3 - join domain

New Contributor II

We are testing A3 in a cloud context (we are running an A3 server in our datacenter so NOT installed on-prem). We are using a local domain (domainname.local). We set the public IP of the domainnetwork in the settings of the DC and the DNS server and configured port forwarding to the internal IP-address of the DNS and DC. However we still get following message in A3:

Failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain DOMAIN.LOCAL - {Operation Failed} The requested operation was unsuccessful.

We opened all ports on the firewall to the DC and DNS recording to this article:

Are those ports sufficient to join the A3 server to the domain (I did not find the A3 used ports in the manual)? Any other possible reason why we can not add the server to the domain at the moment?

Many Thx!!



Esteemed Contributor III

Could you verify that the winbindd process is started? You can check this by going to Status> Services> winbindd. If this says the service is stopped, please start it and try again.