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Extreme Cloud-IQ Controller Transparent Bridge

Hello wireless community members,I have a question regarding the Extreme Cloud-IQ Controller Documentation.On Page 224 of the ExtremeCloud IQ Controller User Guide (Version 10.01.01) a transparent bridge feature is mentioned.Do I understand correctly...

TurboSound by New Contributor II
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XCC all APs with radio 2 off

Hi guys,I have installed a XCC with version I noticed that all of my customers AP were showing Radio 2 off.I don't have anywhere in the configuration this option...

Resolved! Smart RF channel plan and regulatory domain

When configuring a channel plan for smart RF, we can choose "all channels", which according to documentation includes UNII-1 UNII-2A UNII-2C and UNII-3excludes TDWR channels 120 124 128 In Italy regulatory domain where my APs are based UNII-3 is not ...

API Authentication in Insomnia

Hi Guys,I'm trying to use insomnia to use XCC api but I keep getting 401 unauthorized error.I have the authentication set to Bearer but I'm not sure what to put in for the token or prefix.I create an API key for the admin user in XCC and pasted that ...