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Access point's ip's different in netsight

Access point's ip's different in netsight

New Contributor II
HI, I have an AP with static ip address but in netsight I see the same AP with a different ip address (same mac address and name of the AP) The question is: how can I do to have the same information in both wireless controller and netsight?

New Contributor II
So sorry, I misunderstood the parameter "Ip Address Assignement" I thought it was the way AP assigns IPs to the devices connected to it. :s

Thank you very much for your help.

Honored Contributor
If the AP is set to DHCP and the AP is connected to the controller the greyed out static IP Address field will show the IP that was discovered by DHCP.
So in case the AP has a up&running CAPWAP then this IP should be equal to the one that is presented in Netsight.

@Juan - could you point me to the Netsight view, mine looks different so I wonder whether I'm in another window.
What license is installed ... base or advanced
Could you post a screenshot of the AP view in OneView/Extreme Control Center - I'd like to see whether the AP is green/active in the view.

The license is basic. Here is the main menu of one view, I can not see the option you mention.

Extreme Employee

In your screenshots of the WLC the AP is configured to use DHCP and not the IP address configured there. That's why it shows instead of

If you want the AP to use the configured value, select Static Values instead of Use DHCP in the WLC screen.

Saludos, Daniel