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After upgrading to XMC, all AP's show as down?

After upgrading to XMC, all AP's show as down?

Hello all,

I just ran an upgrade on my XMC server to version When it came back up, it shows all of my wireless access points as being down. In other words, I have hundreds of "AP Out of Service" alarms. I tried a reboot of the XMC server, to no avail,

It is still connecting to my wireless controller and shows the AP's as active, and shows a number of clients that is accurate. But there is no longer any client history detail since the upgrade.

I am running on my C5210 controllers. Is there a mandatory upgrade on the wireless side of things?


New Contributor III
Great work Ron. Just came across this as we had recently upgraded to this version as well. Applied changes and all seems well. Dean

Hi all,

I have the same problem "AP out of Service" in Extreme Management Center with C35 Firmware Version

I have check the status of Sync and it's ok "SYNC_SUCCEEDED"

Can someone help me?


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I had the same issue and changing the message-bus-ciphers to AES128-SHA256 3 fixed the communication issues even without making a change to the weak-ciphers setting.

It appeared to be "factory defaulted" to weak-ciphers enabled and no message-bus-cipher configured prior to making this change to support XMC

Thanks for posting the fix.

Extreme Employee
Hey Ronald,

Correct, there is no way to change it in the GUI. You will need to add these commands by SSHing into the EWC. You don't have to shell all the way into the OS.

If your "Collector Status" shows the same "SYNC_ERROR_INVALID_SHARED_SECRET" message go ahead and run the commands:

message-bus-ciphers AES128-SHA256 3

We should be releasing updated release notes with details soon.