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Alarm Manager reports and email addresses as invalid

Alarm Manager reports and email addresses as invalid

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Netsight Manager using Alarm Manager GUI

I updated all my email lists with my Verizon Wireless phone number email in the format of and noticed that all my lists broke.

Researching at Verizon showed some mixed results but I can successfully send messages to both and addresses.

I know I could set up an outlook rule to forward to those addresses but I'd rather have netsight send to my phone.

When I edit an email list and test it via Alarm Manager I get the message "invalid email addresses" and the list fails to send. If I remove the one entry with either or the list works fine.



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I hope I get that right...
It works if the email list contains only one email address (out of the two that you've mentioned)
It doesn't work if the email list contains more then one email address.

Did you use a ; between the email addresses in the list or how are they separated.

I've done a search in my old mails because I was sure that I had the same issue years ago.... and I've found it.

The customer provided the answer that every user is allowed to use SMTP but only certain devices are enabled for "SMTP Relaying" on the exchange server.

Will do! Though I don't believe there are any restrictions on it.

You answered my next question 🙂

I'd check again with the exchange server team to make sure that external mails from XMC are allowed.