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Dynamic VLAN but force no IGMP Snooping on that VLAN

Dynamic VLAN but force no IGMP Snooping on that VLAN

New Contributor III


Does anyone know if it's possible to have a dynamic assigned VLAN force IGMP Snooping off on that VLAN when it's Assigned? We have x440 G2s at the edge.

I hope that makes sense.  For the time being I have manually logged onto each 440 and disabled it on the corresponding SYS_VLAN where the naughty no-compliant devices are.

Thanks in advance



Extreme Employee

Use UPM to act on log message vlan creation and have UPM disable igmp snooping. Below log filter is what you can use to trigger the UPM script. 

create log filter createVLAN
configure log filter DefaultFilter add events lldp.PktRecv
configure log filter createVLAN add events vlan.msgs.createVlan

enable log debugmode

Hi thanks for the idea. I should have said we use NAC and XMC for the automation I was wondering if there is some neat way to do it from there maybe with policy or something. I will look at you solution though Thank you 

New Contributor III

I should add this is a non-routed VLAN and the devices seem to want to treat Multicast like Broadcast hence the disable of Snooping on this VLAN only.