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EMC Tuning 8.03

EMC Tuning 8.03

New Contributor II
As I can have through snmpv3 all the statistics of CPU, memory plus all the data of the statistics of the interfaces that are monitored.

I also need to fine tune all the EMC features for other vendor in this case I require on CISCO.

Thank you for your contribution and collaboration.

in the meantime you can use flexviews
Regards Zdeněk Pala

Avaya will be supported in 8.0.4 version. very soon!
We can do some cool staff with Vendor Profiles with version 8.0 already. We will be doing magic in version 8.1. stay tuned.
Regards Zdeněk Pala

Hi Bharathiraja

I have some devices of differents vendor: Cisco Catalys, Cisco Nexus, Extreme, Avaya.

View Cisco Device


View Avaya Device


This is the configuration snmpv2 to Cisco "snmp-server group BCNOC v3 priv
snmp-server user snmpc0rr3v4l BCNOC v3 auth md5 snmpc0rr3v4l priv aes128 snmpc0rr3v4l"