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FN-2023-486-Performing a configuration enforce with ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine 23.4.10 or 23.4.11 against a VOSS/Fabric Engine node with auto-sense support could trigger ISIS to be disabled on the switch

When performing a configuration enforce that involves auto-sense parameters via ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine running 23.4 in a fabric network, ISIS is incorrectly disabled as part of the configuration delta determined.  This removes the switch from the fabric and may also isolate it from ExtremeCloud IQ  - Site Engine, preventing completion of the configuration changes and re-enabling of ISIS.


The ISIS protocol is disabled on the VOSS/Fabric Engine switch when an enforce is executed on XIQ-SE effectively removing the switch from the network.  For VOSS/Fabric Engine deployments configured with in-band management, this will result in ISIS remaining disabled as the switch will be isolated from ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine.

Products Affected:

ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine

Work around:

Prior to upgrade of XIQ-SE to 23.4.12 or later, any config changes required on a VOSS/Fabric Engine switch managed in-band should be performed via the switch CLI to avoid loss of communication with the switch.

This has also been posted in the XIQ-SE topic board, but we wanted to post here as well to alert all user as soon as possible.

Please see the full field notice article here for more details and updates.