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Lost connection to NetSight after upgrade to EWC 10.31..01.0048

Lost connection to NetSight after upgrade to EWC 10.31..01.0048

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We have just upgraded our C5210 wireless controllers to the latest version On the last version 10.21 we had an issue with the controller reporting properly in OneView with a guardian activated. GTAC informed us that this had been corrected in the next release (10.31)
After upgrading to 10.31 the wireless controllers are having even more issues with NetSight. In NetSight console the controllers keep losing contact. When I run a discovery they are seen and contact is established but then after 5 minutes they show as contact lost and do not come back. In OneView the APs are reporting but nothing else, clients or controller.

New Contributor
Hi Chris,

The Host Attribute Default Gateway IP option is requesting the GW IP of the management interface IP which sounds like it's the IP of the interface your APs are connecting to. We recommend not using "admin" port/interface and only having 1 "physical mode", MGMT enabled interface on the controller, if you have multiples this could be causing an issue with determining which interface the controller should be using to send out STMP packets. You can also verify using packet capture utilities. Please give us a call if you still need further assistance with this issue.

Thank you.
Bill McIver
Global Technical Assistance Center
Extreme Networks

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Hi Jason,
I hooked the controllers back up via the management port which was directly connected to the same network as the NetSIght. I did a discovery using the IP of the controller on the AP network, which is the network we want to manage on, and the controllers connected and stayed connected. I then removed the management port connection and they have stayed. Not sure why it worked that way. I did notice that under Host Attributes I have the Default Gateway IP set to the gateway on the management network not the AP network. Should it be the AP network. I am still not getting some information appearing properly in the One View dashboard. Information specifically relating to bandwidth seems to be inaccurate.

Hi Chris,

I want to check in with you and see if you were able to resolve this or if you need further assistance.