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Netsight - MIB improvement for Cisco

Netsight - MIB improvement for Cisco

New Contributor II

We use Extremen Mangement Center (Netsight) for nearly all customer situations and enjoy the multi-vendor solution. But one customer is very frustrated by the small impact he gets in his Cisco environment.
The installed version of Netsight is, but I test the features parallel in my lab with the Netsight version Used Switches are e.g. Cisco 2960 or 3650.
I miss alot of informations in the Device View of the Switches:
-VLANs on all ports
-port information (trunk port, access port, ...)
-possibilty to change vlan setup for each port
-serial number of all members in a stack

Other threads in the forum showed workarounds with FlexView. There I could get more information, but this is not user-friendly scenario to search information in several different views. Configuration changes are also still missed in FlexView.

When it is possible to get the information in FlexView, the informations are already existing in the netsight database and they are not shown in the device view. Are there changes in the MIB possible to solve this problem? What possibilities exist for improvements of MIBs in behavior of the integration of third-party products?

Thank you very much.


Hi !

You have to look behind the scene in XMC & OneView !
- EOS devices are able to setup VLAN via SNMP (so changes could do from FlexView), EXOS not and needs scrips which are integrated in the new VLAN manager.
- Cisco switches need scripts as well but not yet implemented in XMC VLAN manager. You can do this with custom scripts.

The switch information you request is not all on the XMC database. You need to import Cisco private MIBs and configure your custom Flexview to show vendor specific information on demand. But this is possible.

I know that there is action at PLM and engineering to do 3rd party integration better from V9 on. (I´m interested to have that as well !!!)