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NMS-BASE-250 what features will we get?

NMS-BASE-250 what features will we get?

New Contributor III

With NMS-Base we will get Console, Inventory Manager and OneView basic. But what OneView fatures will we get? Will it include topology maps? Compas Search? Wireless Tab? Will we get OneView Scripting feature?


New Contributor III
So, after spending more than $15K, I can't have a simple feature like this that even free tools like Cacti has? Isn't this quite ridiculous? I completely understand that Oneview Basic lacks features like Wireless Management, NAC control, Flow support etc. If you need these features upgrade to NMS-XX packages. So far so good. But if I pay for device management, I expect it to let me manage and watch devices without any limitations. It is simple to collect and visualize collected statistics via Cacti and mrtg. But why should I use them after I paid for NMS for "device management". I am not asking for a complete "reports" tab. But the "device view" should has the historical interface statistics section so we can see old statistics about interface utilization etc.

I am going to submit a feature request to GTAC, maybe future versions of OneView Basic adds some more device management features, like it included scripting and basic map support with version 6.2.x. But OneView Basic should have more balanced features for its costs.


I'm running into this same discussions. I'm trying to understand the value of the base license.

Extreme Employee

As Ronald mentioned, the historical statistics functionality is not available in the Base software as indicated in the documentation.

From NetSight OneView User Guide v6.3 (pag. 9):

Enable Report Data Collection
To view OneView reporting data, you must enable statistics collection for your network devices. You must be a member of an authorization group that has been assigned the NetSight OneView > Access NetSight OneView and Administration capability to enable data collection. Data collection is not available with the NMS-BASE license.

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This license doens't include the full OneView interface (history data collection) ....

NMS-Base-XX = OneViewTM Basic (device management, alarm management and administration)
NMS-XX = full OneViewTM interface
NMS-ADV-XX = full OneViewTM interface