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"Useless Protocols/Applications/Servers" and Analytics Licensing

"Useless Protocols/Applications/Servers" and Analytics Licensing


Hi Guys,

I'm working on a customer's Analytics PoC and after get it running for a few days we could measure how many flow licenses they need... (deployed in Overlay mode, with PV-FC-180).

The customer's network is generating around 260K flows/min (EMC Analytics License usage graph)

But we discovered that the 2 TOP applications by flows in the customer's network are DNS and SNMP, followed by MS SQL Server.

Taking a closer look, as shown by EMC the number of flows in 1 hour timeframe (this is a consistent number if you extend the timeframe to days) is DNS=1.7M, SNMP=1.2M (the customer uses other SNMP applications than EMC for specific monitoring of devices) and SQL=950K (prodution databases).

With these numbers, we need 300K licenses for Analytics (which obviously costs money)... But DNS and SNMP statistics (flows) aren't a concern for the customer (useless information), and are consuming Application licenses.

I was thinking about how can I exclude/ignore these types of flow from the Analytics workload, which could allow the customer to buy it.

I found this article but I don't know if this only excludes the data from reporting (even using the Application Licensing) or it ignores these flows (and don't count as license usage).

Also, I don't know if including in the policy mirror some rules denying these protocols (as I do for GRE) could prevent the Netflow records being generated for the Analytics Engine on the PV-FC-180, saving this licensing needs.

Any ideas?

Best regards,



New Contributor
Thank you for this post, we are about to start a POC on Analytics and this is useless information that were going to also want to exclude. Look forward to input from the group and or Extreme Engineers.