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Search for historical device information (where *was* an IP address)

Search for historical device information (where *was* an IP address)

Presently, if I go into the generic search box in OneView and search for a device by IP address - nothing comes up. If I perform a search with compass, I can find it.

But what if I am looking for a device that is no longer on the network? In other words - I am looking for "last seen" information. Presently I do this with Nedi which is a neat tool, but I feel like this is something that NetSight can do.

Is this where Historical Data Collection comes into play? Or is that just for building reports?

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I use NAC for this, I have passthrough MAC auth on all switch ports and PSK wifi networks to log devices. This does work, but when IPs are quickly recycled there's no way to find out which device had an IP short of DHCP logs or querying the end-system SQL database directly.