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ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine (XIQ-SE) and software versions were removed from Extreme Networks Portal due to the inadvertent removal of support for legacy protocols including TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, RSA keys less than 2048 bytes and SHA-1 signed certificates as part of an upgrade to OpenSSL used by Extreme Control.

Devices currently running either of the affected software versions are encouraged to upgrade to but may remain on the affected versions if devices are not experiencing issues with 802.1x in Extreme Control. No immediate upgrade is required unless devices are experiencing above noted issues.


802.1x authentication using Extreme Control impacting TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, RSA keys less than 2048 bytes, SHA1-signed certificates, and the Extreme Guest and IoT Manager.

Products Affected

  • ExtremeCloud IQ - Site Engine
  • Extreme Control
  • Extreme Guest and IoT Manager

Software Affected

Software versions and
Some customers may experience:
  • Incompatibility with Guest and IoT Manager
  • Devices will not be able to authenticate to the network through 802.1X
  • SCP/SFTP transfer failures


The support for legacy protocols was added again in XIQ-SE version, which is now available for download from Extreme Networks Portal. Devices that may be affected by the below issues, should be upgraded to version.

Please see the full notification here for more details.