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Wireless station events vs NAC guest portal

Wireless station events vs NAC guest portal

Contributor III
Does anyone remember something about a problem with wireless station events being sent to NetSight (where they show up in end-system events) affecting the guest portal? I thought I remembered reading something about this as being the possible cause of a problem where guests get an error from NAC instead of the registration page, but I can't find anything in my searches.

Valued Contributor III
I believe it was fixed some time ago
Regards Zdeněk Pala

Ooh, I see "Clients attempting to connect to the network via guest registration were receiving an "Unknown error has occurred" error message." in the Known Issues Addressed section of the 8.1.5 release notes ...

Still here in 8.1.3 and 10.41.08. Time for GTAC since my boss tells me he's embarrassed by it when onboarding school board members.

Do you know in which piece of software? NAC, EWC? I'm currently running 8.0.5 and 10.31.08.