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XMC 8.2 Release Date

XMC 8.2 Release Date

Contributor II
Hi Community

So do we have a set date for the official release for XMC 8.2?

I am aware that the Beta testing was running with a few clients, and that the XMC 8.2 Beta documentation was available on the partner portal, but I see subsequently the Beta docs have been removed.


Contributor III
I have a feeling it was related to running out of disk space during the upgrade, since I upgraded to this time and it warned me there wasn't enough free space. After deleting a few backups it installed fine.

And yep, configuration evaluation means I might be able to give up the Java client entirely! I also noticed some extra end-system events related to authentication which is nice.

Valued Contributor II
Just finished reading... Is anybody into memes here?


P.S. Nope, no way to make it perfect, everybody loves different improvements. 😉 But configuration evaluation tool in the GUI is the thing!

Contributor III
Well, the upgrade was an abject failure, after reboot it had no network and I couldn't even log in as root on the console or get grub up to boot single user. At least I had the presence of mind to take a snapshot beforehand.

Valued Contributor III

I see you've got a ticket opened for this (and a licensing issue). Please let us know what you find out.