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XMC - MIB Tool

XMC - MIB Tool

Honored Contributor
In case you are looking for a certain OID here a short summary how to use the XMC MIB tool to search/query it.

XMC verision:

- open the tool...


- connect to the device
on the left side in the pull down for "IP Address" select the device
on the right side in "Select Protocol" use the correct profile that is set for the device
click on "Contact" = you should get the green up arrow = you are able to query the device
in the "Find what" field put the full or partial name of the IOD or the number and click find


Most OIDs for IdentiFi are in the main tree "hiPathWireless" = OID

Some examples....

#WLAN services = wlanEntry =

Every WLAN service has a unique ID which you could query with wlanID= so let's run that....


The result is the Instance# for all of my 20 WLAN services.
Now we know the Instance but we'd like to get the name for it = query wlanName=


#APs = apEntry =

Again we'd query the apIndex to get the unique AP index# and then query other fields, in this example the AP name.


The hard part is to find the OID that you are looking for 🙂

New Contributor III
Since you bring this up, Is there still no way to create alarms within EMC based off 3rd party MIB's which have been imported? Thanks.