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Changed SSID name and and now both names are showing

Changed SSID name and and now both names are showing

New Contributor

Hello, Our old business SSID was a bunch of unrelated numbers and symbols and looked similar to this ----→ xy4rfsd3 . I changed the name because it confused our end users. I changed it to to something easier to understand.

The issue I am now having is both SSID names are showing up on the available wifi list on phones, tablets and laptops. How can I stop the old name from broadcasting?  (I hope this makes sense)


Extreme Employee

Are you sure the updated network policy was applied to all APs?

Contributor II

In addition to above comment, few things I would check to locate the source of the issue.

Do you still see both SSID’s being broadcast when using Wi-Fi analyzer software?

If you SSH into an AP and run “sh ssid” does it still list both?

Honored Contributor

Please either try with a new client or delete both WLAN SSIDs from the test device and try again.

Because I think that you don’t tx the old SSID but the client device remembers the old one.