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Extreme AP4000 requesting DHCP address when Static IP is set.

Extreme AP4000 requesting DHCP address when Static IP is set.

New Contributor II

As of some time today Extreme AP 4000 Access Points are requesting DHCP addresses when I have a static IP address set for the management interface (see below).


This does not happen for the AP 460 or any other models I have, only the AP 4000


What could this be?





New Contributor II

This appears to be a bug and can be resolved by adding the following to the configuration:



no interface mgt0 dhcp client

New Contributor II

Hi @Christoph_S 

Thanks for the quick response. I have both pushed new config / and factory reset AP's issue still happens. 

Here is the output of the command requested.


show int mgt0

CS-AP-IT#show int mgt0
Admin state=enabled; Operational state=up;
DHCP client=enabled;
Default IP subnet=;
IP addr=; Netmask=; Default Gateway:;
IPV6 link local addr=fe80::261f:bdff:fe1a:78c0/64
VLAN id=18;  Native vlan id=18; Tagging of Native vlan: disabled
MAC addr=241f:bd1a:78c0; MTU=1500;
Rx packets=667841; errors=0; dropped=0;
Tx packets=645067; errors=0; dropped=0;
Rx bytes=231702421 (220.969 MB); Tx bytes=332106405 (316.721 MB);


Here is proof the same Access Point is also requesting DHCP:




Extreme Employee

Hello @Samer-Sultan.,

The screenshot shows that static is configured properly but nothing on DHCP. 

Please can you provide us with the output of the following command:

#show int mgt0

Please also provide details confirming that the AP is trying to pull a DHCP IP address. (screenshots, logs, packet captures, etc)

Have you pushed a complete config update to the APs? Please try on one letting us know if issue persists and provide screenshots, logs, etc showing that the AP is trying to pull DHCP IP addresses. 


Christoph S.