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Interface shows wrong value for transmit Power

Interface shows wrong value for transmit Power

Valued Contributor

I've been going through all of our AP650(ah) AP's and lowering the transmission power on with wifi0 and wifi1 interfaces.

I have set a the power to 10 on both interfaces for 10 AP's in a two floor building.  While the XIQ shows that 8 of the 10 AP's are showing the correct Transmission power, i have 2 AP's that are showing as Auto on wifi0, but the correct 10db on wifi1....

If i go into configuration at the device level, wifi0 is set to manual and 10db.

Which should i believe the XIQ interface, or what the device config shows?

Any ideas why this is going on?


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So.... the switch reboot fixed one AP, but not the other (both were in the same HP2920 switch)... go figure.. already got the replacement AP, and configured it and installed...

<sigh>.... always something.

have a good weekend.


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I created the RMA's and the tech had me uplaod tech data, and told me it was getting AT power... now ive been through this before and AT power wasnt the issue, that time (there were others) it was an LLDP issue within XIQ.

anyway, i thought to myself, ill go pull the power from the switch, what the hell.. i do that, give it a minute... i got lucky no one using any of the rooms on that floor today.... plug it back in..... well i go have lunch, come back, and check the AP's... NO blinking white light.......

HOW is that even possible... I think that fixed the issue.. i pulled another tech data and uploaded for the GTAC guy to look at, to confirm.....  but how it that possible.. i had intermittent issues on two different AP's on two different ports at random times during the day... both AP's would work and then not work, one would work, the other not.... sometimes both not working at the same time... but it corresponded to changes i made when troubleshooting...

anyway, we will see... but no white blinking light.. this time might mean the issue is fixed with a switch reboot... in which case i throw the white towel in, and go drinking...


Valued Contributor
wifi0 stopped working on both AP's... <SIGH>...... im going to RMA both.

You are right about the blinking white light.  The very first time i had that blinking white LED, it turned out to be an issue with the Realm Name within its Bonjour setting.. yeah seriously!... the next time, it was wifi0 interface being down.... and the time before this issue, it was an issue with LLDP not being pushed to a couple of devices.   so, yeah... you are right.. too many meanings.

Because this morning I remembered that bonjour issue, i re-placed the AP on the floor plans (assigned a location), and pushed a full config... it didnt change anything.... the sh acsp shows both AP's wifi0 as disabled...

they must be intermittently failing...  this will be interesting, i bet i cant RMA both on a single ticket, and will have to create two support requests.....  what a pain.

Thanks much for helping me out, its aprpeciated.


New Contributor III
That is strange I would still try to push the RMA through.  The blinking white light has too many meanings lol for me it usually means the switch is out of power and the access point is running at 15.4 watts.  I had one my AP510's doing this the other day but it still had both radios on with a max of 12dbm transmit and running in 3x3 mode.