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Question about rationale for a Knowledge Base recommendation

Question about rationale for a Knowledge Base recommendation

New Contributor III


This refers to a KB article about issues with AP230s and iPhone 12,13,14

In part 2 it says

"2) If Radio Mode ac is selected, an extra step is required to enable MCS Rates 0-3 only under the 802.11n Radio and Rates configuration. 
SSID > Additional Settings > Optional Settings > Radio and Rates > 2.4 GH / 5 GHz > 802.11n"

My question is, if the radio is using ac mode, why do you need to adjust the n settings?

Is it technically using n until it gets up to the rate limits and then switches to ac?

I was just wondering if anyone had any technical insight into this.




New Contributor III

Thanks Cristoph

I get that when you use an ac radio profile you need to follow the changes shown in step 2.

The text and photo in step 2 refer to adjusting the n rates, not ac rates.

I was just trying to understand the logic of adjusting the n rates to fix an ac issue, just though that it may be a learning moment.

Thanks again.


Extreme Employee

Hello JA,

This article pertains to a solution for performance issues with iPhone 12, 13 and 14 so it provides you with 2 options to resolve issue:

1 - Configure 802.11n and perform changes as suggested in step 1


2 - If you decide to use 802.11ac then you have to perform extra steps so that the phones work with said standard as mentioned in step 2. 


Christoph S.