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SR2348P switch shows disconnected when online

SR2348P switch shows disconnected when online

New Contributor

On October 13, one of our SR2348P switches says it disconnected and is offline; however, this is the first switch in a daisy chain line and nothing has gone offline.  When I go to the device and look at the individual ports, it shows devices connected to it as if it's still online.  We have not lost any service.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Would a hard restart cause it to reconnect?


Valued Contributor

I dont know that switch type.  I have a bunch of HP2920 48G PoE SPF and HP2930F 48G PoE+ switches, and have had issues where we get a brown out, and even though the switches are on UPS, it causes an issue with PoE power, and some of the AP's either go offline, or appear as being online when they are not.  Restarting the switches seems to resolve the issue.  Hope this helps.



I just tried restarting, unfortunately it didn't work.  These are Aerohive switches we purchased a few years ago right before Extreme bought them out.  We have also been experiencing random disconnects of APs even though they are still online.  I am thinking I may need to fill out a ticket with Extreme and see what they say.

New Contributor

Actually it looks like all of my SR2348P switches show they disconnected around the same time.  The rest are connected again, except for one.