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Stop pmksa_cache_auth_add messages filling up log

Stop pmksa_cache_auth_add messages filling up log

Valued Contributor

Is there a way to stop pmksa_cache_auth_add messages filling up the AP logs? I'm trying to debug an issue and there's only 30 seconds of logs shown by show log buffered.


Extreme Employee

Hello James,

       There is no method to suppress the "pmksa_cache_auth_add messages from "show log buffered". You can configure external syslog, if you have an external syslog server (there are many free ones available on the Internet), and crop/filter what you require from the file generated on the external syslog server. 

The following is a Knowledgebase article on how to configure XIQ external syslog: 

Turns out I already had syslog configured. Looks like it's set to log warning events only, which is probably good since the destination is spunk and I'd blow my license if all the pmksa log entries were sent. But I can adjust it on a particular AP via CLI when I need to do debugging