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User Profile Assignment for WPA2 Enterprise users

User Profile Assignment for WPA2 Enterprise users

New Contributor


in our configuration we have a guest networks that is used by guests and also employees from our company. It uses a wpa2 enterprise with ExtremeCloud IQ Authentication Service.

What i was trying to do is apply a different classification between guests and employees to avoid CWP for Policy Acceptance for employees. Both will be assigned to the same vlan and i'd like to keep a single ssid. So i activate the option "Apply a different user profile to various clients and user groups."


And as ASSIGNMENT RULES I created a dedicated UPA with classification based on User Group. But there it seems that this is made only for Private PSK. 


It is also showing non PPSK group but then it seems to not be working correctly when using this as classification.

Has someone had the same experience? Did someone find a way to solve this problem?

Thank you


New Contributor

Thank you James,

I think that we have two problem in one. One of them can be resolved by your solution, the other is that is seems that the classification is working only for PPSK and not for WPA2 enterprise device.

New Contributor

For me exactly the same ... really annoying! MyJohnDeere

Valued Contributor

I had something similar, see where I note "bypass-cwp is an attribute of user-profile, not user-profile-mapping" so you'll need two user profiles that point to the same VLAN.