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Resolved! Wired and Wireless with ERS/EXOS and Cloud APs

Hello,Seeking guidance on best practice for designing an Extreme Control solution for Wired (ERS and EXOS) and Cloud APs (AP 4000). The site is a large campus with 6000 wired/wireless devices. There are hundreds of VLANs and unique VLANs for Data and...

RobertD1 by Contributor
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NAC and VOSS - Error VLAN Returned by Radius Does Not Exist

So I have a NAC policy that identifies Credit Card Machines and assigns  them to a specific VLAN (550) and this works great IF THE VLAN IS ALREADY created on the switch.  If the VLAN does not exist I get the following:1 2023-01-31T12:03:55.127-05:00 ...

tpfannes by New Contributor
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Extreme control no hostname showing

I have a setup where a wired connection needs to be authenticated with 802.1x (EAP-PEAP) using the hostname of the pc with control in XIQ-SE.Hostnames are in LDAP and can be resolved when I do internal tests.When I try to login with the pc the hostna...

NAC Pushing Radius Config

I've installed Extreme Control and manually configure my Radius settings on the switch.  I've found once I add the switch to NAC (but don't enforce) the engine pushes out a new Radius config to my VOSS switch.  I don't have a problem with this BUT it...

tpfannes by New Contributor
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