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S4 to X460 LAG

S4 to X460 LAG

New Contributor
I am new to the EOS side of things. I am trying to setup a LAG between a S4 and a X450. I am confident in my xos configuration but I am unsure on the eos side of things. Here is what I have on the xos side of things:

enable sharing 1:14 grouping 1:14-15 algorithm address-based L2 lacp
configure vlan Test add ports 1:14 tagged

Here is what I think I need on the eos side of things:

set lacp aadminkey lag.0.10 100
set lacp singleportlag enable
set port lacp port ge.1.47 aadminkey 100
set port lacp port ge.1.48 aadminkey 100
set port lacp port ge.1.47 enable
set port lacp port ge.1.48 enable
set vlan egress 3 lag.0.10 tagged

Can anyone confirm that the eos side of things looks correct?


New Contributor
Thanks Tomasz!

I have not tried with static lags. I will give that a shot.

What is the command to enable Lag globally? maybe I just missed that part.

New Contributor III
Sometimes i have problems with lag on S series. Have you tried static lags ? If you don't need dynamic assignment then try to add it staticaly. Try set lacp static lag.0.10 ge.1.47-48 100

don't forget to enable lag globally, it's very common issue 🙂