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loop check on Enterasys C5K125-48

loop check on Enterasys C5K125-48

New Contributor
Hi all.
Is there an easy way to do a check on a C5K125-48 about possible loops on network?



Extreme Employee
One more thing to note, is that on later versions of EXOS, you can just do 'run elrp ' to run ELRP on all ports in a specific vlan once, instead of typing out the full configure elrp command. This is equivalent to the command 'configure elrp-client one-shot ports all print-and-log'.

Contributor II
You don't need netsight to check a loop.

On XOS switches:

enable elrp-client

configure elrp-client < peroidic/one0shot>

You can log the action and even send a trap to a NMS, disable ports.

Check the log on the switch.

The configuration on our switches:

configure elrp-client periodic ports all interval 1 log-and-trap disable-port permanent

Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

Contributor II

For greatest ease, I would looking installing a demo of NetSight, pull in all the switches you can, and then test for loops as above mentioned. The X460 (if they are not G2 models) may not be fully compatible with all the features of NetSight, but I'm sure that they and the Allied switches (if they are managed switches) will have some compatibility. Also, if you can add the MiBs for the Allied switches if they are available, that may enhance your experience.

A short non-authoritative test for loops with the C5K would be to check the CPU utilization. If it's high, likely there is a loop or some other issue.

New Contributor
In this case I don't have Netsight available.
STP is not enabled (and it will be never...)
In my network there are two stacks of C5, two x460 (connected between themselves with a LAG of 2 links), two Allied Telesys (connected between them with one link).
Imagine that the two stacks of C5 are connected to the two AT switches, and the two x460 too.
The two stacks and the x460 are not connected.
My customer wants me to test if this topology could have a loop.
I don't think so but I have to find a test to demonstrate them it!!