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Web Page Hangs During MAC Registration. Wired NAC.

Web Page Hangs During MAC Registration. Wired NAC.

New Contributor
After submitting credentials during MAC Registration the web page hangs stating Network Registration in Progress. I don't know which policy need to change to address this. This is for Wired NAC.

Honored Contributor
If the client is able to get to the portal to enter the credentials we'd assume that the non-authenticated policy is OK so that would indicate that the authenticated policy is missing something.

After consulting with Extreme support, the solution is to disable Node Alias as it affect NAC IP Resolution.

Is the client switching VLAN/subnet during the authentication (=put in another VLAN if authenticated) or is the VLAN/subnet the same in unauthenticated/authenticated state.

thanks, i try to check the policy as your suggested