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Auto-edge vs ezspantree

Auto-edge vs ezspantree

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So I had a problem where a 5x X440-G2 stack with 75 iMacs on it would drop packets when the iMacs booted up, some investigation pointed the finger at spanning-tree, once I configured the ports with link-type edge the problem went away. My question now is why did I have to do this manually? auto-edge is supposed to be on by default, but show s0 ports detail shows Operational Edge : FALSE whether or not I have configured auto-edge on for that port. I have auto-bind on for all VLANs, and ezspantree enabled too.

I found this post which seems similar to what I'm seeing

I'm running ( was quite crashy).

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22.6.1-Patch1-1 was finally posted to the portal today. Here's a link to the X440-G2 product page where you can download it:

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I found a few ports are being marked as Operational Edge by Auto Edge, but it's far fewer than I would have thought.

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I found but xos0070993 is listed as fixed in 22.5.1 so that's not it. Maybe there's another bug lurking?

Also 22.6.1-Patch1-1 (which has release notes but no software available) has as its only fix xos0073370 ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 and X620 series switches are not stable when used in a stack.

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I used Wireshark to check if BPDUs were sent.

I did not check if TCNs were generated if Auto Edge decided to place a port into Oper Edge state. I would configure STP edge ports (w/safeguard) for ports that are supposed to be edge ports instead of relying on Auto Edge (this is true for both EOS and EXOS).