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Can Summit Switches Cluster Edge and Core Switches?

Can Summit Switches Cluster Edge and Core Switches?

New Contributor III
Grouping them in a cluster for single IP management is the objective. I'm thinking of using X450-G2 as my access and X670-G2 as my core. There will be 100 plus edge switches and around several core switches. Avaya and Brocade can do clustering, I am not sure with Summit switches.

I hope you can help me with this. Thank you in advanced!

Valued Contributor
Hello, Gerald!

First of all - you can't mix X450-G2 and X670-G2 in stack.

But if you will use other types of switches, if you don't care about hardware tables performance - you can make it. (If it would be just L2 cluster).

But you need to pay attention that if you mix, for example, X670 and X460 then numbers of HW tables will be reduced to X460 numbers:


You can check stacking possibilities here -

Thank you!

Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your reply. You are correct that we can't mix X450-G2 but only GE4 versions of X450-G2, the 10GE4 450-G2 can be stacked with X670-G2 following the extreme stacking tool. I agree with your statement with X460-G2 and X670-G2. I am thinking fo different approach for this requirement.

Appreciate your time 🙂