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Change mac address of a vlan ?

Change mac address of a vlan ?

New Contributor II
X450, The MGMT port at back and a vlan I have created on the box are using the same mac address
I'm not interested in the rites and wrongs of this I have my reasons for patching this together
but they use the same MAC

I'm looking to change the mac to something of my choosing
I'm looking for a command like

config vlan test mac
But such a command does not exisit.

Extreme Employee
If it was for STP the below feature in 22.3 could help but I am afraid this is not why you are asking.

For the reason you name you cannot patch the Mgmt port to the front panel ports as the switch will not learn its own mac.
If it is for other reasons, you might enable VRRP on the vlan and use the VRRP mac.