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Change slot number , through retain original slot configuration

Change slot number , through retain original slot configuration

New Contributor III
Recently expanded a horizontal stack of 2 x X670V units with additional X670-G2 . The original X670 units are currently used for server connections . The G2 units will be used for the new VM environment , as we migrate from old to new , we will eventually remove all servers from the old X670's , and only leave the G2 with operational servers.

The outcome for maintenance reasons would be to remove the original X670 units , Currently Slot 1 and 2, leaving the X670-G2 units as slot 3 and 4.

So the question is .

I know how to renumber the slots , for aesthetic reasons , though I do not want the slot vlan information , ie I require the configuration in slot 3 to remain , though now it is addressed as 1:X rather than 3:X , I do not want the old configuration for slot 1 to over write the slot 3 config .. this looks like a scripting solution ?

This stack configuration already includes , MLAG , VRRP, OSPF of course vlans etc.

Any Ideas would help


Extreme Employee
You could go through the extent of modifying the configuration file and changing slot types. This would avoid using the unconfigure slot command and would retain the port/VLAN config.

The following article is an example of replacing different slot types in a chassis though is applicable also in a stacking environment.

If choosing to go this route, a backup of the current config would be advised, and a reboot would be required. This may require some testing and planning before it works accordingly.