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Connect switch to X450-G2 with dynamic VLAN configuration

Connect switch to X450-G2 with dynamic VLAN configuration

New Contributor

We want to replace a Smart Switch 6000 that has attached a C2G124-48 through port 24. Both switches has VLAN created statically.

The new switch is a X450-G2 and VLAN are created dynamically using MAC auth and RADIUS. When we connect a PC or other device, a specific VLAN is created and the device assigned to it.

We want to connect C2G124-48 (port 24) to X450-G2 (port 49) and allow all traffic from first.

X450-G2 conf

create vlan net tag 20
configure net ipaddress aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd
configure vlan net add ports 51

configure netlogin dynamic-vlan uplink-ports 51
configure netlogin dynamic-vlan enable

create vlan nt_login
configure netlogin vlan nt_login
enable netlogin mac
enable netlogin ports 1:1-1:50 mac

We have disabled mac auth in port 49 (disable netlogin ports 1:49 mac)

And to allow C2G124-48 to connect to network we have added port 49 to VLAN net (configure vlan net add ports 1:49 tagged)

Now we can telnet to C2G124-48 with a PC connected to the same VLAN (net) but if we connect a device to C2G124-48, with a different VLAN, no network connection is stablished.

If VLANs in X450-G2 are created statically, I know we can add port 49 to those but we discard this conf, for now.

Thanks in advance.


New Contributor

Dynamic VLANs aren't working in a mixed architecture with old Enterasys and new Extreme devices.

An approach to solve this is using a VSA (211) to create VLANs with MAC auth for every switch.

Without Dynamic VLAN is necessary to create static VLAN and assign trunk ports.