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Does X670-G2 have support to a Virtual System?

Does X670-G2 have support to a Virtual System?

New Contributor

I can't find a complete information about it.
The datasheet says the have "Full ExtremeXOS®️ feature set supporting switching, routing, SDN,Data Center Bridging, MPLS, and Audio Video Bridging ", but I didn't found any information there about Virtual System.

Does have any function like this:


New Contributor
Thank you very much@Ralf. It will help me a lot.

New Contributor II
Hi Clayton,

you can find the documentation in the EXOS User Guide:

The link is for software version 22.4.

There is also a topic for virtual routers:

For other software version visit the Support site, then Products Documentation -> Software -> Routing and Switching -> ExtremeXOS. There you can choose the software version via the drop down menu and you get an overview of all available guides and sheets.

Kind Regards, Ralf

New Contributor
@Drew C.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Do you know where I can find documentation about it?
Even if it is just the basic.

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Hi Clayton,
Welcome to The Hub!

If you're asking if you can create multiple virtual routers on the X670-G2, the answer is yes.
If you're talking about connecting a Virtual Machine Host, then that's typically standard networking and is also very much supported.