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ExtremeSwitching (X440-G2) data sheets lacks detailed information

ExtremeSwitching (X440-G2) data sheets lacks detailed information

Contributor II

We are a government university and we have some legal regulations to follow during purchases. One of them is; we write specifications for the product needed and the reseller/partner needs to supply us the data sheets that shows the product supports the requested specifications.

The problem is, Enterasys datasheets had a section that shows full standards/specifications that the device supports (RFCs, MIBs, IEEE standards etc). Just look at the current S series datasheet for example. But Extreme Summit Series datasheets shows only brief information. I just downloaded the X440-G2 datasheet. I can't find any information about which standard MIBs it supports or if it supports dhcp snooping,arp inspection. I can't determine if it supports "rfc 2674 q bridge mibs" that needed for XMC vlan management.

We can learn these informations from sale reps but we also need documents for legal reasons. Is there any other documents that lists supported standards etc just like S series, for X440-g2/X460-G2 etc?



New Contributor II
Hi Rahman,

the supported standards and mibs depend on the used EXOS-version. So you should take a look at the EXOS User Guide.

Here ist the guide for version 22.4 for example an the section "Supported Standards, Protocols, an MIBs" should be interesting for you.

You can download the pdf-version of the guide. I think, this is much better for an overview.

Best Regards, Ralf