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Download EXOS - new rules

Download EXOS - new rules

Contributor III
Hello, all!

For now eSupport web-site is unavaliable.
Redirecting to
In past I was able to download EXOS by putting S/N of switch, for now I have to open a case every time when I want to download EXOS?


Thank you!

Hey Alexandr,
Good question here that does show a website behavior difference. As a Partner, you'll see all SW available from Extreme in your Extreme Portal view. Access rules sill apply based on service level (entitlement = maintenance contract + product warranty), but it was important as a Partner that you'd see the file you were looking for, not just what you had access to (i.e. previous eSupport behavior).

(NOTE Customers have the same option, they just have to toggle to "see avail").

Make sense?

Also, the previous attempts to download EXOS SW for assets that prompted a case could have had a data alignment preventing the download. If you have a PartnerWorks relationship with any of these customers, you should be able to download code on their behalf. Clearly we need to investigate for you so this is more efficient.

Extreme Employee
You do not need to create a case in order to obtain EXOS downloads. Please provide your email in order for us to check if your extranet settings are activated in your account.

Your extranet settings shows that they are activated. Please login and click the link below: and then click Downloads, Licensing, Case Management, Service Contracts or the Extreme Portal Support homepage and login. If this doesn't work then I will create a case for you for this support portal issue.

Hello, Tooley!

I represents distributor and holder of service contracts PWP+

Thank you!