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Resolved! BOOTP Relay

Hello,I'm having trouble with PCs on VLAN 17 getting IP addresses from the DHCP server on VLAN 2. All of our PCs and our servers are on the same subnet, and I'm working on splitting those but want to keep just the one DHCP server. My requests are not...

T_Pitch by New Contributor III
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Allows MAC list

I am looking to create a policy/ACL that only allows mac addresses that are listed to permit traffic. I have about 100 of these MAC addresses that I would like to add to this rule. Thanks for the help.

gibbsj87 by New Contributor
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ARP requests from Extreme Stack

Hi, Is it normal for Extremes to send out ARP requests to subnets not in use? 19935 2018-12-12 13:49:48.868077000 MS-NLB-PhysServer-04_96:36:1e:ac Broadcast ARP 60 Who has Tell We do not use 10.108.251.x Can I tell switc...

jasonlsch by New Contributor
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Resolved! BGP MED attributes don't work

Hello! x480, EXOS patch1-3 I received some prefix via BGP and over router-policy IN add MED 30 and MED 50 for them: code:# sh bgp routes network Routes--------------- Destination Peer Next-Hop ...

Karfax by New Contributor
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