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Enable Telnet via WebUI

Enable Telnet via WebUI

New Contributor

I am having a problem with SSH on a remote switch (unable to connect) and we have telnet disabled.  Is it possible to enable telnet via the web gui?  This is an  X440G2-24p-10G4 running


New Contributor

Thanks again David,

Web CLI won’t connect to the switch.  Telnet was only going to be used to fix the SSH issue.  We will likely end up back on site to correct.

Contributor III

normaly it’s enough to enable ssh again or do a rekey… You don’t need to enable telnet.

New Contributor III

Yeah.. I would not have pulled the trigger on that myself if I hadn’t had a guy onsite to give me a serial connection if I needed it.


I do see another possible option, if you are in the web interface look under the “Apps” menu. In 30.6 at least there is a “Web Terminal” that gives you a dandy little CLI window right in your web browser where you can enable telnet or fix your ssh issue. Sorry I am not in the GUI on these switches much or I would have pointed you to this first!  🙂




New Contributor

Thanks David,

Appreciate the reply.  A bit nervous about actually running through that Quick Config Wizard as it really looks like it will reset my IP address on this device and wipe out my failsafe account as well.  If I lose the IP on this switch it is in another state and is a bit of a drive.