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Extreme Website and Documentation

Extreme Website and Documentation

I am trying to determine what code I want to run on the switches I will be installing this summer.

I started with the XOS recommended release site
This gave me your recommendation and the release notes. I see no problems that affect me and believe this is a good choice.

To acquire the image I have to make my way to the download site. I did this by logging into my partner account in a different window am not even sure I can get to downloads from where i was looking at the release notes.

Great I have the image, what about the command reference guide for this??

Happiness and misery, i went to products -> X450-G2
This is great!! I can see software downloads and release notes. Oh wait there is a new patch to 22.5.1, now Patch 1-7 instead of Patch 1-3 that I just downloaded. Which one do I really want? This type of change typically does not introduce new problems... I do understand that this may not be the recommended version as it has only been out for a week. How about we flag the recommend version on this page eliminating the need for me to check the other page?
From this page I move the the Documentation tab and see; lic. reqs, message catalog, user guide, and command reference. This really is a GREAT page!! I can even get the data sheet for the switch.

I feel much better after finding this page and will be bookmarking it. From this page I can even get Visio stencils for the X460-G2. You are making great progress and I hope it continues.

Thanks for reading,

Valued Contributor III
Hi David,
I appreciate your feedback on the process - its always good to have posts like these on-hand when we talk about improvements and such. I labeled it internally so I can find it later ?.

Regarding the recommended release discrepancy... You've pretty much nailed it by noting the "newness" of I believe we'll be updating the EXOS Recommended Releases document to reflect this. @Larry Kunz can provide more information.

I'd also like to address the request to flag the recommended release on the portal page. The portal has this option, but it doesn't work well for EXOS releases because different platforms may have different recommendations. There's not a way for us to depict that type of complexity with the current implementation. As a result, we keep this information on the release recommendation and compatibility matrix pages. For others reading this, EXOS isn't the only platform listed- just use the drop-down to pick other ones.

If you come across products missing their datasheets or other guides, send me a link to the portal page in an email (or post here) and I'll see what I can do to add the appropriate content.