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FOG/Microsoft DHCP Server PXE issue

FOG/Microsoft DHCP Server PXE issue

New Contributor
We've been using a FOG server and Microsoft DHCP server to hand out DHCP addresses and pxe boot for imaging purposes. This has worked flawlessly for the better part of a year now and many thousands of images/re-images. Suddenly last week it quit working.

In my discovery this is what I've found: If I remove all of the bootprelay ip definitions from my switches pxe works perfectly, but of course my devices out on various vlans no longer get an address assigned via the DHCP server. As soon as I add them back in the problem immediately comes back and I can't pxe any more. Does anyone have any info that may help? I've been through the forums and can't seem to find anything that resolves this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Do you happen to have the product (switches)that you are using so we can assit you?
1. Is there an issue with getting ip addresses when booting up?
2. When the PXE is complete, are the clients expecting to get a new ip address?

The questions above would help as well as the firmware that was running at the time all was well.
Was there an upgrade since that time?
Also did something change in the configuration (You can compare images if you do back ups with NetSight ).